Today we wanted to help Greenville home owners feel a little better about their homes.  Se we went looking for an article to post that would do just that.  Today’s article come from angieslist and was written by Robert Hansen of Bella Cosa Construction.

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Want to improve the quality of your mental health in your house?

Little irksome things around the house often raise our ire. They lurk seemingly just around the corner and capture your glare whenever you happen upon them. They’re related to that pesky fly that you just want to do harm to.

Your mental health is about to get better, and you don’t need any medical insurance or doctor’s care. Here are three fixes that are probably on everyone’s list. You can do this!

That interior door that rattles when closed

This is often caused by fluctuating ambient air pressure or simply if someone just walks by or closes another door in the house. The rattle exists nonetheless.

You could fix this by adjusting the strike plate or the knob but there’s a simpler way. Place vinyl cabinet buttons, one or two of them, on the edge of the stop molding. These buttons come in small packages at your local hardware store and usually cost less than five dollars. Finding relief yet?

A particular floor squeak on carpeted floors

You’ll need some sort of drill for this one. Locate the spot on the floor that’s the loudest and then place a finishing screw or two — that’s one that has a small head — in this spot. This may not work for vinyl floor areas because you’ll puncture the vinyl, but if your floor is carpeted or has hardwood it’ll work great. Tiled floors are more involved. Sorry.

The door that won’t stay open

What can you do in this case? Remove one hinge pin at a time and put a slight bend to it. You can do this by placing the hinge pin on some concrete and striking the pin shaft with a hammer. The shaft will bend. Place the hinge pin back into the hinge and tap it down with the hammer. If the door still doesn’t stay open or closes by itself, remove another pin and do the same thing as you did with the first pin — slightly bend the pin. If the door has three or more pins, you can try all of them but generally just one or two bent pins is all that is needed to stop their annoying behavior.

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