window cleaning Greenville SCSpring is almost here and your Greenville SC home needs it’s windows cleaned, right!!

Window washing is really one of those chores that very few folks enjoy to do. You usually have to place yourself in precarious places in order to do the job. Window washing doesn’t have to be a challenging chore, should you realize a few of the keys that are used by the professionals, and also you can accomplish this work safely.

Window washing should be performed concurrently when possible. That means attempt to match up with someone while one of you washes from the outside and one wash from the inside. By doing this it is possible to see you aren’t running in and out from the house attempting to find where the smudges are and in the event the panes are not dirty on your side.

Use old paper when you are window washing. Newspaper is not going to put lint onto the window, this is a free item you’re about to discard in your waste, also it makes a streak free shine. When you have used the newspaper on your own windows you can save it and put it to use to provide a weed barrier throughout the exterior portions of the house.

Vinegar is a safe product when you are window washing, to use. Vinegar is an all-natural substance which will not damage ground water, folks, or creatures.

Purchase a handle on your squeegee which will go out while standing on the floor so that you may do your cleaning of the glass from below. You do not want to have if you don’t need to, to climb on a ladder. It’s possible for you to apply the vinegar to the window utilizing a sponge mop with an extension handle, and you can make use of a squeegee to wipe the vinegar solution away from the panes of glass.

Apply cleaner to only one quarter and you may be able to get rid of the cleanser before it dries.

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