Does your Greenville SC deck need staining?

Deck staining is necessary for giving the wood a protective glossy layer that makes it shine and reduces its deterioration from outside debris. Staining can be applied to both new decks and old decks. Before you apply the staining chemicals, you must make sure your deck is clean. If you are dealing with a new deck then this shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure all your repairs and final touches have been made to the construction of the deck prior to staining it. If you have an old deck then make sure you clean it first with chlorine bleach and ammonia-free detergent.

New decks typically use transparent stains and finishes on the wood because it is fresh and has no abnormalities in its appearance. For older decks, semitransparent stains are recommended to cover any existing color deterioration that doesn’t go away after washing it. The grains of the wood will still show after staining, but the pigments will have a new color that makes it look clean. But regardless of your deck’s age, staining will protect your wood from the sun and the damaging effects of its ultraviolet rays. If you use semitransparent stains, then it will provide even more protection from the sun.

Staining is not hard to perform on a deck, but if you are not a handy person then you may want to have a professional handle the job in case you are not confident. There are typically three ways to apply stains to a deck. You can use a roller, brush or sprayer. If you use the sprayer, you can apply the staining chemicals to the deck a lot faster; however, you will have to finish it off with a roller or brush to even out the solution on the deck. It is up to you which tool you want to use. Some people find that rollers push the staining solution into the cracks of the wood, which takes it away from the top. So even though a roller can spread the staining chemicals faster, you may want to use a brush to make sure the solution stays on top and that it is spread out perfectly.

It is recommended that you stain your deck at least once a year. If you have not stained your older deck for awhile and you are finally going to, then you may need to stain it two or three times to really make it shine. For extra layers of protection, apply clear water repellent to the deck before each staining procedure. This will give your older deck a much bigger life expectancy.

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