pressure washing services in Greenville SC

pressure washing services in Greenville SCDoes your Greenville SC home need pressure washing?

A pressure washer is a special kind of washing device that uses a high pressure sprayer to clean stubborn areas. These areas typically include pavement, concrete, bricks, stone walkways and more. Pressure washing is also a much faster cleaning solution because it doesn’t require you to bend down and manually scrub away dirty areas. Instead you can just point the sprayer and shoot the water towards the areas you want to wipe away clean. Pressure washers are great for washing away dirt, mud, grime, mold, dust, and loose paint off of any hard surface.

You will usually find homeowners using pressure washers on their driveways and homes. When it comes to hard surfaces like these, you cannot just take a wet rag and scrub away debris with your hands. The dirt particles are so ingrained into these hard surfaces because of their rough texture and dryness. The only way to wash these particles away is with a high pressure water sprayer. The average pressure washer can discharge water with pressure ranging from 700 psi all the way up to 30,000 psi. Make sure you research the best amount of pressure you should use for the surface you will be spraying. Otherwise, you could risk damaging the surface by the intensity of the water pressure.

A pressure washer is made up of a motor, water pump, trigger gun and hose. It works similar to how a water hose uses a nozzle to increase the water’s velocity, but instead uses a motor in addition to the nozzle. The motors come in hydraulic, internal combustion, pneumatic and electric. The average consumer will just purchase an electric motor. As for the water pump, this is what will extract the water from your water supply to use for pressure washing. Make sure you have enough water available at your home or else you could damage your pump if you run out of water. There are also water pumps that allow you to add detergent to the water. That way when you spray the water it will be mixed with a detergent solution to more thoroughly clean the surface you are spraying.

Pressure washing services in Greenville SC

Pressure washers should be handled with care. Do not treat pressure washers the same way you would treat the garden hose because the water pressure is immensely different between the two. Pressure washers are so strong that it could actually strip all the flesh off your fingers if you put them towards the nozzle while spraying water. So always use caution when using this device.

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